PEMF Therapy – Discover the Secret to Taking Charge of Your Health

Just like the life of a fish that moves and is in water, we humans on this planet earth live in a sea of pulsating magnetic fields. You may know that the earth emits a magnetic field, but you may not know that this magnetic field changes over time and has the exact frequency and intensity that drives all life on planet earth. 

Earth's pulsating electromagnetic field is more than just a target for birds, bees, and human navigation; it is the stimulus, the catalyst, the real spark of all the biochemical reactions that take place in life forms. Benefits of DCCURE provides a brief overview of why we as humans need this pulsating magnetic field not only to be healthy, but actually to stay alive!

The first evidence of the importance of this terrestrial pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) was discovered during the first space launch. Without this pulsating terrestrial magnetic field for a short time, Yuri returned from space with depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism and impaired cognition.

During this historic flight, zero-field research (experiments in space made of your metal, which blocks ALL of the earth's magnetic fields) confirmed that if living cells did not receive the earth's pulsating magnetic field, they died within hours. 

PEMF (pulsing electromagnetic field) is an essential element of health, as are food, water, oxygen, and sleep. In fact, you can live longer without food and water than without a pulsating magnetic field!