Organic Cotton Heritage Men’s Shirts

It is a fact that cotton remains the most sought-after kind of fabric. It is not uncommon to find shirts for men that are labeled 100 100% cotton. Sometimes, cotton is combined with polyester. But, the processes employed to make these shirts can create environmental harm particularly when large quantities of pesticides are employed to grow cotton. One option is to make organic cotton heritage shirts to reduce the usage of pesticides.

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The cotton industry is almost entirely pesticide-intensive. It heavily relies on pesticides to protect itself from insects. Of course, if it is a manufacturing company you will also want to make sure that the plantation is not destroyed by pests.

In addition to the animals who are affected, farmers get sick, and some die from exposure to pesticides. According to reports, in 1999, 24 workers from Benin, died from exposure to the Endozoan pesticide for the cultivation of cotton.

Organic cotton farms Some of them can be found in Australia and don't use synthetic pesticides but use methods that are more natural, such as putting ladybugs in the fields to fight insects.

It's nice to know that there are companies who are taking the time to think about the protection of the environment as well as the workers who tend the fields. Organic cotton men's shirts they create could certainly help reduce the usage of pesticides.