Multiple Uses and Benefits of Natural Hemp Products

Hemp is one of the oldest industries on Earth, with a history that goes back over 10000 years before the invention of pottery. Hemp, which is cannabis has been grown for industrial purposes, contains low amounts of cannabinoids (THC). It is used worldwide for clothing, but it is becoming more popular in cosmetics. You can also find a wide range of hemp supplements through

Hemp oil is amongst the popular hemp dietary supplements.  Hemp Oil is high in Omega 3 and 6 and is easily absorbed into the skin, giving it all kinds of benefits. Research has shown that Hemp Oil is rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids, which aids the body's natural healing ability. The oil's ability to moisturize and restore the skin has made it a popular ingredient in cosmetics and body care products.

Hemp is becoming more prominent in natural cosmetics.  Ann Widdecombe, Home Office minister at the time, was shocked to hear that companies had launched Hemp products in 1998. A British businesswoman gave out Hemp seeds during this launch. They replied that Hemp was the "misunderstood relative of marijuana" and that you would need to smoke a joint as big as a telegraph pole in order to get high.

Hemp cosmetics have become more popular and have grown to be the flagship product. The jokes about these products are always shared with friends because of the cannabis connection. However, the jokes stop when the users realize the true benefits.