Most Popular Patterns For Wooden Floors

Our house is not only the place where you live it is a place where you spend the most time precision with family and friends. Every little factor decorating your home has a meaning, even the floor. One of the first and most important things any visitor will see when entering our house is the floor. Keep your floors clean, beautiful and attractive is the most important thing. The pattern of the floor can be an excellent first step in the best direction.

The most common pattern for wooden floors

1. Pattern Straight

It is the most famous and well-known way to adjust the wooden floor. Board covers from wall to wall and side by side. If you have a small room in your home, you can set the board in such a way that makes the area appear as larger. This design is very popular for a reason, simple, smooth, attractive and effective design. You can navigate for getting the best wooden design architecture style.

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2. Diagonal Pattern

It is similar to a straight pattern with one major difference – no cover from wall to wall, he began to cover from corner to corner. This design also requires specific skills and experience to install correctly.

3. Random Patterns

The name just says it was a random design in a block width are different from each other gives you a very different look incredible for your floor. It is a different style of design comparing that provides greater compression than the normal basic design. It provides the best performance when installed in a parallel manner.