Major Health Problems Caused By Talcum Powder Use

Talcum powder is made up of talc. It is a mineral consist of magnesium, silicon and oxygen. It can absorb moisture and help to cut down friction, hence useful in keeping skin dry and prevent rashes. Most of the leading cosmetic brand uses talcum powder in their products. 

The use of talcum powder is considered to be safe and sound for decades. Woman use talcum powder as feminine hygiene products.

However, a recent study reveals the fact that talcum powder cause cancer. Numerous multi-dollar lawsuit has filed against the leading brand of talcum powder – Jonson & Johnson, who knows about baby powder ovarian cancer but doesn't warn their customers. 

talcum powder

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With the use of talcum powder may lead to life-threating illness. Some of the health problems associated with the talcum powder are:

  • Respiratory problems

Talcum powder is made up of small particles which are when inhaled caused irritation in the lungs. Problems associated with inhalation of talcum powder are:

  • Shallow and fast breathing
  • Coughing
  • Blue tint in baby skin
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions

Due to these dangers, it is not recommended to use baby powder containing talc.

  • Ovarian Cancer

Numerous studies have revealed the fact that talcum powder leads to ovarian cancer in women. As a result, over 1200 women have filed a lawsuit against J &J and get compensation of multi-million dollar including punitive damages. However, not all women are eligible for filing the lawsuit. 

  • Lung Cancer

Workers, who are working in a talcum powder factory, experience ling term exposure to it. Hence the risk of developing the serious respiratory disease and lung cancer.

If you are diagnosed with one of the side effects of talcum powder, then you can sue on talcum powder companies. You can hire a talcum powder attorney who can help you to file a case and represent you in the court. They give valuable advice for your case and seek compensation as you deserve.