Luxury Nile Cruise Tours: The Best of Egyptian Tours

Luxury cruises on the Nile are a unique way to travel. While you are enjoying the most modern amenities and the best hospitality services, you can also explore Egypt's beautiful pictorial landscapes that have been unchanged for millennia. The mud hut villages, donkey-riding farmers, cobbled markets along the riverbanks, and people swimming in the river are all examples of ancient Egypt.

You will see ancient Egyptian temples and monuments. However, you can also explore modern Egypt, where dirt and dust are not an issue. A Nile cruise tour is a journey through time, and it's a must-do activity for you to experience the true beauty and serenity that Egypt has to offer. And to get more information on the Egypt Nile cruise read this blog.

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Nile cruises are comprehensive Egypt tours that can last anywhere from three days up to a full week. Except for a few trips from Cairo, all cruises run between Aswan and Luxor. Some are round trips, while others are one-way. Apart from custom-made cruise deals, all Nile cruises include excursions ashore.

While most cruises follow the same itinerary as the others, longer cruises offer a few extra tours that allow for more time on the shore and overnight stays at top hotels in Egypt. For those who want the ultimate Egypt tour, they can customize their itinerary to include Sharm El Sheikh. They will also enjoy diving in the Red Sea and snorkeling.

Luxury Nile cruises offer the ultimate experience in cruising. The basic layout of most Nile cruise ships is the same, with four decks and a pool on the upper deck. They also have a bar, lounge, and restaurant. Luxury ships offer a range of modern amenities, including Jacuzzis and internet access. Luxury Nile cruise lines offer custom and pre-designed itineraries.