Know The Difference- Web Development And Web Design

Unless you have a nerd or a professional, you are probably confused when we hear these two denominations – web development and web design. These specialized terms indicate to these professionals who have the skills to shape the web. 

Both concepts are used compared to the creations we use every day: mobile applications, functional and engaging websites, or blogging platforms we use to create our own site. You can even talk to our experts to know more about web development.

Web design

The design is significantly different from the developing process. It refers to the real look, the "home page" of the structure, the interface if you wish, and the entire end-user comes into contact with it. 

A web designer, however, is not just an artist who chooses and mixes items that look good together. His work goes beyond that and implies a solid computer knowledge, plus a feeling of practice and achievement. 

In addition, it has a dynamic drag at this one, not just because the trends of the design change, but that this part must adapt to new uses and applications, to the dynamic nature of the Internet.

Web development

Web development refers to the code, computer programming, and software and application creation or modification of existing ones. As a blogger or website owner, you must post content. 

This system you use to connect and publish text, images, or other files and connect with other users is done by a web developer. In addition, it records all this information in a database. It refers to programming, building the "back-end" of the website, which is not seen by visitors. 

However, there is a lot of work to do. This part decides what information is visible to visitors and how the meaning in which format it is presented. In addition, it determines how they interact with the website or with other users.