Know About Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer

Studies show that powder is applied directly to the genital area or to diaphragms, sanitary napkins, or condoms can cause ovarian cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society mentions talc as a risk cause for ovarian cancer, the deadliest cancer in the female reproductive system.

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Talc powder is made from powder, a natural mineral that absorbs moisture, oil and odors during fine grinding and reduces friction. It is said that about 40 percent of women regularly use powder, which is found in many baby powders, foot powders, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products.

One theory is that when powder is used for female hygiene, powder particles can reach the ovaries through the uterus and fallopian tubes. From there, it takes years to dissolve, and study shows that it can cause irritation.

Inflammation creates conditions that increase the likelihood of cancer growth, and long-term inflammation can ultimately lead to the formation of cancerous tumors.

Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, a leading producer of talcum powder, is aware of research that proves the potential for an increased risk of ovarian cancer with free products such as Johnson baby powder and shower to shower powder.

However, the company cites research about it as inconclusive and does not include warnings of ovarian cancer in its talcum powder products.