How to Produce Custom T Shirts in Better Way

There are several ways that you can make custom t-shirts. One way is to use an iron-on transfer. It is relatively easy to use and can even be done on your own printer. The problem with using an iron-on transfer to create custom t-shirt, however, is that they will tend to fade quickly when you wash the shirt. While iron-on transfer may be cheaper, they often will only last a few washes before they begin to crack.

Screen printing is the art of creating a custom screen printing t-shirts that looks much more professional and will last for a lifetime of t-shirts wear. The silk-screening process, however, used to be very expensive and if you want a custom t-shirt, you have to order them in large quantities.

There are types of screen printing to create custom t-shirts that can be used when using a computer instead of the traditional screen printing process. This makes it more affordable for smaller organizations or even individuals to get custom t-shirt printing professional quality without having to place a large order.

Another way to create a custom t-shirt included embroidery. This allows for the design or letters will be sewn right onto the shirt. This pretty much ensures that the design will continue as long as the shirt. Embroidery can also be found online and you can create your own custom t-shirt or other clothing even with this type of technique.