How To Install Elementary OS

Today we are going to talk about Elementary OS. This one probably sounds like a Linux Bootcamp for new users who are just curious what Linux can offer to the masses. Well, you might be in a treat. ElementaryOS is another Ubuntu-based distro with the Pantheon desktop interface. One of its striking aspects, its minimalistic approach of aesthetics and feel, which is pretty neat. It also comes with customized coded apps and app store, and as for its installation process, is simply the same as any other Linux distro out there. Inspired to look like a MacOS, with all the softwares populated on the bottom of the screen.You can use Etcherto create a Live USB for Elementary OS.You can download Etcher by visitingthis link.

etcher github

It offers a limited choice of default apps, and one particular feature that showcases the simplicity of its design is the Epiphany browser. It froze when you try to surf some websites, usually with complicated web design as you navigate on the Internet but it does function if you do basic research. Though it can’t be compared to the standard Chrome and Firefox, it certainly serves purposes. What’s surprising about this distro is the lack of choice and versatility, though neat and convenient to navigate, it goes against the grain of general purpose of Linux the freedom to tweak and customize your OS. It’s so focused on restrictions by not allowing new Linux users to feel one of the primary benefits of Linux distribution- flexibility. An example of that is you need to download third-party installers like Elementary OS Tweaks to attach themes on your display.