How to Handle Bed Bugs in Your Rental Properties

Bed bugs do not have a preference – if you are alive and you breathe while you sleep – then you can provide a superb environment for bed bugs. As a landlord – it's your job to look out for them and take proactive measures against infestation. You can not expect your tenants to tell you either.

Statistics of cases are not reported surprisingly, the cost to exterminate will blow your budget and early detection is about the best thing you can do to minimize the impact on your cash flow and reputation of your property. You can make use of natural bed bug prevention sprays. They are easily available online. You may find some at

Not sure what an outbreak of bed bugs can do to the reputation of your property? Poke your web browser over to find out. The website is tenant driven and not where you want your property listed. So what can you do and what you need to know?

Can you prevent bed bugs?

The bad news is there is no way to prevent them. There is also not an easy solution. Tough little bloodsuckers. Pesticides only work if you hit them directly and do not kill the eggs That mean that just because you sprayed does not mean they're gone. if the original source of the bed bugs is a place the tenant frequents and it hasn't been treated the bugs will keep coming back!