How to easily build your inventory of Skills

When you are submitting your job application it is important to evaluate your areas of strength and weakness. Knowing which areas are your strengths will help you build confidence and impress your potential employer. Knowing your weaknesses will allow you to avoid appearing confident or arrogant – characteristics that can be demeaning to employers trying to find a candidate that is a good fit for their company.

Hard Skills and Soft Skills

In general, the skills can be divided into two broad areas:

"Hard" abilities are specific, task-oriented abilities that can be assessed and measured. Speed of typing, accreditation, or qualification using an application program or mechanical equipment, for example.

"Soft" capabilities are less tangible but equally essential. Being a team player, competent to work under supervision, and being a "self-starter" are examples of social skills for program developers, like motivation, organization, and communication skills.

What You're Looking For

Look over your list of activities you enjoy doing and the things you excel at. This could give you fresh insights into the kind of job that is most suitable for you. Pick out the abilities you've listed that pertain specifically to the job you're looking for. 

If You Can See It Show It

Understanding your skills is only the beginning. Next is to make sure that the prospective employer knows about the skill set. Once you've reviewed your expertise and become familiar with it, you'll be able to respond quickly to any questions related to your skill by presenting to the potential employer that you're proficient in your expertise and prepared to apply it in your work.