How To Design Safety Signage Boards in Australia?

Safety signs are used to quickly and clearly draw attention to situations and objects that could cause injuries or accidents. Inadequate signs can lead to injuries or even death. Ineffective signs can often be the result of poor design or poor posting. Consider the following best practices when designing and posting your signs.

Tips for designing the safe distancing notes 

There could be many reasons your signs don't work as intended. However, design and posting safety signs are the two most important reasons to keep people safe.

  • Keep your message short. Signs with too much text will not communicate a safety message fast enough and may even confuse people.

safe distancing signs

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  • When deciding on the size and location of your sign, consider the landscape and other elements.

  • Use simple, familiar words that are easy to understand. Signs will work better in keeping people safe and informed if they are simple to understand.

  • Place the sign in a prominent place.

  • Place signs at least every 40 feet if possible.

  • Signs should not be placed in areas where they could be walked into.

  • Don't convey more than one idea. The more concise the message on the safety sign will be, the better it will do its job.

These best practices will help ensure that everyone on your property is safe and aware of potential hazards with the help of safe distancing signs.