How to Become a Creative Director in the UK

Creative directors can be found in many industries. They are heads of creative departments at film studios, magazines, marketing, and advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies. 

How to Become a Creative Director in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Get a higher education

To learn how to become a top creative director in fashion or any other field, you usually first need to earn a bachelor's degree in a specific creative field, such as art, marketing, graphic design, photography, or fashion.

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Step 2: Gain work experience

However, in the creative profession, experience trumps education, so you'll need to get some hands-on experience. This stage is even more vital if you want to learn how to become a creative director without a degree.

Step 3: Create a portfolio

While certain professions demand a CV, the portfolio of a creative director is more crucial in this field. Your creative director portfolio, which will emphasize your skills and prior work, will be requested by all possible employers. Consider your portfolio to be a marketing tool that highlights your expertise.

Step 4: Gain experience and improve your talents

The finest creative directors are always on the lookout for opportunities to broaden their horizons, improve their talents, and find inspiration in unexpected places.

Professional organizations in every creative industry also provide information, events, and reward competitions. Although participation in a professional organization is not needed for creative directors, it can provide important networking and training opportunities.