Houseplant Decor Ideas for Big Impact

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If you don't have a big garden or lawn space, you can still make a statement with the indoor plants. We all are aware of the health and wellness benefits of houseplants. One can never go wrong with indoor plants while placing them in an appropriate place. They look great wherever you put them. Here we bring you some ideas to create an impact on plants.

1. Go big

Instead of going after too many fussy plants, choose an extra-large on to make a statement. You can choose between palms, fiddle, or rubber trees to make it fit in the criteria. They are dramatic and the trendiest ones. You can also make them look royal by putting up in copper vases. Contact Melbourne plants hire for such a fantastic idea to put on.

2. Ivy League inspiration

Growing ivy on interior walls has been creating an icon statement. The trailing plants climbing the walls make the perfect picture wall of your house. You can also create a rainforest washroom for yourselves by placing them there.

3. Mobilize a tree

One great way is to gather all the plants together while putting them on wheels. You can even drag them anywhere according to the suitable lighting conditions. You can go with different complementary colors with red or pink shades to give some bold look out of it.

4. Use surprise plants

Make the best use of empty tins and glass jars by growing a plant inside. It will give your touch of creativity and style. Rack them upon a shelve and decorate it with beautiful lighting to provide a chaotic look. You can also share these a try with fruit plants and place them near your windows to extract abundant sunlight.

These plants make a zero waste decorating option, so one needs to buy junk for their decors. Instead, fill them with greenery to provide much visual impact with enduring style.