Home Remodeling – What Professional Consultants Do You Need?

There are a number of different but related types of professional consultants who can be useful in designing and making your home renovation. Do you need all this? This article outlines some of the options and opinions of this author:

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Architect: Nice feature but usually not really needed for small renovation projects. However, if your project is very complex and/or large, it might be a good idea to hire an architect to help.

In any case, be aware that some cities will require that you get the involvement of registered architects to sign and seal construction documents (drawings and specifications) before they will issue permits.

This requirement is usually for larger, more complex projects. Check with the local building department to determine whether this will be needed or not.

Interior Decorators: Again great features but not really needed for basic construction projects. If you feel the need to hire someone to help you choose colors, finishes, cabinet designs and the like, go ahead and hire a decorator.

Engineer: (mechanical, structural, electrical): Similar to the Architect, these engineering disciplines are usually not required.

Unless your house is very big and complex, even if the mechanical systems (cooling and air) are out of date, it is probable that mechanical subcontractors can easily determine the size and type of system that is appropriate to replace the existing one.

An exception might be where significant structural changes or additions are part of the project. It would be better to verify this with the local building department first to be sure. In our opinion, it's usually not good to rely on your contractor for significant structural design problems.