Health Benefits of Unpasteurized Honey

Honey is usually heated and processed before it reaches supermarket shelves. This form of honey, known as pasteurized honey, has several health benefits, but has lost some of its splendor when heated.

The reason honey is heated is to prevent it from granulating so quickly that it prolongs its shelf life. In addition, heating the honey makes it very runny, which makes filtering and processing easier. But the heating process also destroys some of the beneficial components of pure raw honey product, making it less than ideal.

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Unpasteurized is the way to go. She is pure, natural, and healthy just as God created her. For all the health benefits it offers, it's amazing that no one else is aware of this "normal" healthy food.

First and foremost, honey provides a usable natural source of energy. White sugar is processed in such a way that it is difficult for the body to understand what it is used for. But honey is naturally in a form that can be taken up by the body. So when you consume honey, you get a lot of energy without the negative side effects that white sugar brings.

Honey also helps improve digestion. It does this by allowing the stomach to produce healthy bacteria, which in turn digest the food. If your goal is to improve digestion, try using honey instead of white sugar in your recipe, or mixing a teaspoon of honey with water and drinking it before or during a meal.

Try gargling with honey water if your throat hurts. And if you have a cold, mix a spoonful of honey and squeezed lemon juice with a little water. Not only can this combination help reduce pain, but it can also get rid of the harmful bacteria that cause a cold or sore throat.