Glass Wool Insulation Applications


Glass wool insulation is known to offer applications such as soundproofing, pipe insulation, structural and filtration insulation, and many more. The way glass wool works best is by first allowing the insulation of products and then be applied to different areas of a structure. For example; ceiling areas requiring insulation in residential buildings is done by glass wool insulation. Let’s now focus on other applications of glass wool insulation.

  1. Places that Require for Pipe Insulation –Hot and cold pipes are known to be the most widely-based choice for using in terms of pipe insulation. This in turns allows to offer rigid performance where the pipe can be slit with a sharp item after insulation is done.
  2. Places that Require for Suspended Ceilings – Inorganic glass wool is known to be no-combustible which are used for the formation of tiles for the ceilings. For instance; cinemas, recording studios, home theatres often depend on glass wool insulation.
  3. Places that Require for High Performance and Sound Proofing –Just mentioned above, inorganic glass wool is non-combustible that is known to offer a solution for sound proofing by absorbing sound and offer higher performance.
  4. Place that Require for Cavity Wall and Drywall Insulation – Areas such as timber frame buildings, steel frame structures and drywall system that require insulation can be done by dry wool insulation with the help of cavity wall and drywall insulation. Furthermore, rigidity can also be offered by the use of glass wool insulation.

These are just a handful of glass wool insulation applications. Try getting this type of insulation in Brisbane from a professional.