Get Granite Countertops Installed in Your Kitchen

Granite countertops have long been a point of sale for the kitchen. The appeal of these versatile igneous rocks is widespread and understandable. It makes a great addition to your home for several reasons.

You do not need to worry about setting up a hot pot directly on your granite countertops. In fact, the surface is cool to touch, which creates ideal conditions for holding the dough or work with caramel and candy.

New York marble does not scratch easily, so you can cut straight to the way you do on a cutting board or meat block. Due to the porous stone slabs, they are largely resistant to the bacteria, which are supposed to make you feel secure if you are going to place the food directly on your table.

Low porosity means they are easy to clean, too. All you need is warm water and a mild soap solution. If you like stone countertops, you are not single.

They can add value to your home; whether that means your own pleasure or the price you can ask for if you're planning to sell. They do not depreciate in value and, because they are so durable, they tend to look just as good the next few years as they did when they were first set up.

Protect your investment by treating your counter with penetrating sealer to further prevent staining or other damage.