Flag Poles – A Great Gift Idea For Students

Having trouble thinking of a great gift idea for your favorite student? To find the best gifts for students, you may need to "think like a student" (and no, that does not mean you should go out and buy a case of beer!) College flags of the team are a much better – and healthier – idea. 

In fact, anything with the logo of their school on it will go well with the students. It's likely that they already have a sweatshirt and a basic dorm room decoration, but probably not a flag of the university team. Flag poles are the best option in this situation. You can buy event flags via  https://www.aluart.de/produkte/produktsortiment/ (which is also called ‘Event-Flags ber https://www.aluart.de/produkte/produktsortiment/  ’ in German).

College flags of the team are a perfect gift as they can be used in so many different ways. For example, a student can fly college flags to a great game, decorate their room with them, flying in a pep rally college or parade, and even bring them home after college to fly proudly from the porch.

Most flags that are sold to big games are made from cheap materials that will fade easily, so if you plan to buy school flags as gifts, then it makes sense to buy a flag company professional.

The flags of the colleges that most kids want are pretty big – measuring 3 'x 5' in most cases – to the fly will require a flagpole with two metal eyelets. 

Depending on how much you want to spend, college team flags can be embroidered or screen printed on Appliqued nylon or poly heavy gauge fabrics. 

A flag made by professionals is generally visible from both sides, and was in the exact shades to match the school colors.