Family Violence Legal Help And Resources

In the state of Denver, assault and battery are a violation of the very common and if this behavior occurs between members of the household – or between family members who share a kind of kinship either by blood or marriage (except siblings) – then this action is classified under the violence category family. To get more information about divorce lawyer in Denver you can, search the browser.

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The crime should be taken seriously, and they are facing charges of family violence are advised to contact the experienced Family Law Attorney General. The crimes are considered crimes of domestic violence are:

Simple assault family violence

A simple assault occurs when a person's efforts to perform violent injury to others or do anything that puts another person in reasonable fear of injury immediately accept violence. It is an offense that carries a maximum sentence of twelve months imprisonment.

Family violence aggravated assault

An attack as described above becomes aggravated when certain additional factors are present. If someone attacks with good intentions murder, rape, or robbery, or assault with a deadly weapon, or with the use of a firearm from a vehicle, violation then one of Aggravated Assault, which is a punishable crime, by a minimum of three and a maximum 20 (twenty) years in prison.

Family violence simple battery

The battery simply happens when there is some kind of physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature, or when there is actual physical damage caused. Often, the police will arrest you for simple battery on the basis of nothing more than push, push, or grab. It is an offense that carries a maximum sentence of twelve months in prison.