Effective Time and Attendance Management System

An automated time and attendance tracking system has been greatly appreciated and is being largely implemented in different industries. More than the advantage of tracking the timings of an employee, such a system helps in implementing and enforcing fair and steady pay policies.

Most companies follow the practice of billing employee work hours and preparing pay accordingly. In the absence of a strict and absolutely accurate attendance management system, employees take undue advantage of the cracks in the policies and bend rules to serve their interests.

This adversely affects a company, as the company has to pay an employee even for the hours that he did not work. This problem is particularly pressing in the case of employees working in the sales department, who do not have fixed schedules or places from where they kick off their day's chores. Thus, it is difficult to keep track of their billable hours.

More and more organizations are thus waking up to the innumerable benefits that a time tracking system offers, which go beyond merely helping organizations keep a track of the time at which an employee walks in the office and starts working and the time at which he ends his day's work.

These systems help businesses operate more efficiently, avoid paying for non-billable hours, streamline the process of wage calculation and accelerate the payroll preparation process. The web interface allows for two-way communication between employees and employers.

Thus, an employee can at any time check his attendance status, leaves, timesheets, and schedules. This affirms an employee's faith in the company's policies.