Dress Your Child For Indoor Ice Skating Online in Canada

If your child will be renting ice skates, bring along a thicker pair of socks to wear over the thin pair to provide extra padding in case the rented rink skates don't fit perfectly or are well-worn.

For several reasons, skaters should always wear gloves. Gloves obviously will keep a skater's hands warm. They also provide some protection in case of a fall on the ice or if another skater runs into a child who has fallen.

A warm wool hat will keep your skater's head and ears warm. Avoid any head covering that could impair your skater's vision. "Hoodies" or parka hoods should be avoided. You can also get the best and cute tops for kids at www.thekindredstudio.ca/collections/kids-tops.

For the same reason, skaters should never wear scarves, which can obstruct vision or catch a skate. Many rinks prohibit any kind of scarf on the ice. Girls should always have their hair pulled back or restrained so that it cannot get into the eyes.

And finally a note to parents of boys: Boys will be extremely uncomfortable if they are asked to wear white skates. If you have inherited a pair of white skates that fit your boy, either dye them black (black shoe polish will also work, but it can be messy), or cover them with black skate covers. Your son will skate much more confidently if he "fits in" with the other boys at the rink.