Discussion On Ford versus Holden

Ford and Holden are the main car manufacturers in Australia. Holden, originally an Australian company, was brought out by GM. Ford and Holden were among the first to sell motor vehicles in Australia. 

Talking to Australian Petrolheads (also known as Bevans) is a common topic of contention. This is usually Falcon vs. Commanders. They are normally 6 cylinders but both versions come in V8 editions. Navigate here to check various performance boost commodore.

Let me add my voice to the discussion by stating that both are severely lacking.

I have been in both cars as a passenger or driver in various demanding situations. I also have a lot of criticisms about both.

Ford's Falcon's have a long history with what can only be described as "loose" steering. At high speeds, the Falcon's seem to float. When you expect a car to hold firm to the ground, with great ground force, they feel soft and bouncy on the roads with even the slightest bump. 

Although the latest Falcons have more power, acceleration, and pick-up than previous versions, it is still scary that they don't have better control. 

The engine's pinging is also a concern at the top. You can tell this is not a performance vehicle by the sound of the pistons hitting your head, which produces a distinctive sound.

The Falcon's tendency to skid in the rear is another problem. This is fine for those who know what to do, but it's very annoying for those who aren't as familiar with driving.