Curating a Marketing Strategy with Influencers

Like any marketing plan, an influencer program requires in-depth planning and targeting. Start with building a crypto influencer marketing strategy by figuring out the basic-which platform will you be using for your campaign. Most influencers tend to socialize on one or two platforms.

Going ahead with a youtube vlogger may give you great results on youtube and video-sharing sites, but, he or she will not be able to churn out the same results on Facebook. It is crucial to first decide the platform for your campaign. If you think Twitter suits your company’s marketing campaign, then it is best to find known crypto influencers on this platform itself.

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Once you have selected the platform for your campaign, the next step is to select an influencer who will help you escalate your campaign. What is important while looking into the perfect fit, is the authenticity and relevance the said influencer has to your brand and its values. For instance, choosing a pastry chef to explain the technology involved in blockchain may not be a good fit, further raising doubts about your campaign’s ingenuity.

Secondly, avoid being tempted by influencers with a huge following. Remember, a huge following doesn’t always mean the followers are paying attention.  Micro-influencers often have a tight-knit community with a high level of trust and engagement. Depending on the kind of business, it is advisable to also look past follower counts. Rather, consider engagement rates, their reach in target groups, and audience demographics.

Now that you have chosen your platform and influencer of choice, you need to create a budget and a management plan. Be sure to also factor in time for planning, executing, and reviewing your influencer program. Running a successful influencer marketing campaign will need careful monitoring and regular follow-ups.