Construction Loans are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Many people are opting to build their homes with construction loans. It is the right time to get financial help from the government to build your dream house, especially with the First Home Owners Grant scheme. 

Before you rush to get a loan, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. If you are looking to get construction loans, then you can visit this website

Construction Loan: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

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What is a construction loan?

This is a short-term loan to finance the construction of your dream home. As the construction progresses, lenders/credit providers will provide periodic payments to your builder.

How can a construction loan be funded?

Credit providers/lenders have different credit policies. They may also have different requirements when processing loan applications. Most are however similar. Here's a list of lenders/credit providers that fund construction loans.

Credit providers/lenders will finance the amount you need to pay for vacant land purchase and building construction costs

If you have borrowed money to buy vacant land for your dream home and you have not yet started construction, the first loan disbursement by the lender/credit provider will be used to pay off the vacant land

Credit providers/lenders will divide the loan amount into "progress payments drawdown" amounts that are paid to the builder after each stage of construction is completed.