Components That Make A Personal Training Program Effective

A basic personal training program must have at least these main components:

1. Corrective Exercises: Basically, this component of the fitness program focuses on your posture and how your body moves. I've helped many people look taller, leaner, and healthier simply by helping them improve their posture and hold/move their bodies. To get more details about personal training programs, you may visit

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2. Resistance Training: This component of a personal training program may include traditional strength training techniques versus specific functional training techniques. The goal is to increase lean muscle tissue. Your body burns more calories with cleaner muscle tissue, period.

3. Stretching Exercises: This component is not only important to prevent injury, but also helps to give your body the "shape" you want. During most of my personal training sessions, I will receive clients through dynamic and/or functional stretching at the beginning and through an assisted stretching program at the end.

4. Professional help from a personal trainer: The fitness program must evolve as your body changes and adapt to the other components of the personal training program. We are constantly changing the various components to give you the best training and nutrition plan.

Your fitness program should be comprehensive and include all of the components listed above. Otherwise, the desired results and fitness will not be fully or simply achieved.