Common Human Foods That Can Poison Your Pet Bird Or Parrot

Pet birds and parrots are extremely social beings who need a lot of attention and love. They like to get contained at dinner time, also we could have lots of fun sharing meals together with our feathered friends. However, we must beware of some very toxic foods and poisonous fumes which may be fatal to our valuable bird buddies. You can buy the best and affordable products for feather picking at

The following poison food among the listing is chocolate that's deadly. Chocolate poisoning impacts your own pet parrots' digestive tract causing nausea and diarrhea. Since the toxin moves its way throughout the bird's method it strikes the central nervous system resulting in seizures and finally death.

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Apple seeds in addition to other members of the improved family such as cherries, peaches apricots, and pears have trace amounts of cyanide (a mortal toxin ) in their own seeds. The fruit of the apple is nice to talk about your bird, but be certain that you wash and core the apple skin completely since it could contain poisonous pesticides.

Onions are another toxin food to our parrot friends. A limited number of garlic and onions as flavorings are okay. However, in huge quantities onions cause nausea, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal difficulties. Lengthy exposure to onions may cause a blood disease known as hemolytic anemia that's accompanied by respiratory failure and eventually death.

Mushrooms are a type of disease and also have been known to cause digestive upset in our valuable companion birds. Some forms of mushroom caps and mushroom stalks cause liver failure.