Church In Society – 7 Things Church Can Do To Transform Society

Christian Community Church Center

There are many different geographical locations for churches. For example, churches in the city, rural churches and there is also a megachurch and church community. My focus is on the churches of the community and how they have a responsibility towards the public.

Churches make people indulge in various activities, that’s why you will find several Catholic retreat centers all over the United States. Seven things of Church Can Do to transform society activities:

1. A community church that is serious about the task in the society, aware of the heavy responsibilities in the transformation of the society.

2. The Church can not begin to influence the community without addressing the fundamental, underlying problem of the spiritual fortress that has been puzzling people since the beginning.

3. It takes visionary apostolic guidance with a powerful prophetic anointing to overcome the territorial problems in society.

4. A community can not be changed through someone who does not recognize how to explain the time and season.

5. Leadership must be willing to put aside their comfort, seek God's face relentlessly, and vigorously carry out their duties in the community.

6. A society can not be changed under the sky covered. The sky must be open and the church needs to begin to emerge and take its place and set free prisoners, the prison doors open for those who are bound.

7. If you are going to become agents of change and transformation of society, you have to have a love and passion first and foremost for the things of God and then to your community.