Child Thumb Sucking Habit

Thumb sucking is a remarkable stereotyped habit in most of the children. The practice starts from the womb, in some cases can continue through adolescence if not intervene in time.

Thumb sucking can have benefited only until the age of six months, because during these years that helps a newborn in developing muscles of the jaw and mouth. You can find different ways to stop thumb sucking via

how to stop sucking finger

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But beyond that period of time can lead to serious oral problems and affect overall health. From irregularities to the alignment of teeth breathing, thumb sucking can cause many difficulties demons of his son in his later years.

If your child does not start sucking his thumb within three months after his birth, then you probably do not have the habit at all. But once you notice it, as a parent, you should not ignore the signal proactively and take steps to prevent it from becoming a habit. In most cases, babies naturally abandon the practice, but if they do not, to visit a dental clinic consultation and guidance.

The negative result of sucking thumb

What may seem initially enduring it can become a serious problem if your child to continue the habit of thumb sucking can not stop. Along with trying home remedies, you can also consult a dentist in your area .

These are some of the long-term consequences that your child might have to face later in life due to thumb sucking:

  • Jaw or palate can reduce your child
  • Airways may reduce
  • Changes in breathing pattern
  • Teeth shape and alignment inadequate
  • Speech difficulties