Bailley is going to resign from Burberry

After 17 years of working for the brand, Christopher Bailey will leave Burberry. Bailey will leave the board of directors in March 31, 2018. Until then, he will continue to be president and chief creative officer. He is still in charge of the spring and summer series of the brand in 2018. After the handover period, he will completely separate from Burberry in December 2018.

“Burberry has undergone tremendous changes since 2001, and Christopher has played an unparalleled role in the success of the company. Although I am sad that I can’t work alongside him, the wealth he left and the outstanding talents we have Burberry have great confidence in the future of the company, “Burberry chief executive Marco Gobbetti said in a statement:” we have a clear vision for a new chapter. Speed Burberry brand growth and success, and we are also excited about the upcoming opportunities for our team, partners and shareholders.

“I have been able to spend my career at Burberry over the past 17 years, and it’s my pleasure to fight and learn from such an outstanding group of people,” said Bailey. “But I still really believe that the most beautiful days of Burberry are still ahead. With the help of the strategic principles laid down by us and the excellent team led by Marco, the company will continue to make persistent efforts and develop better. I am excited about the opportunity to pursue new creative projects in the future, but remain absolutely loyal to the future success of the unparalleled brand, and try to ensure a smooth transition to the power and responsibility.

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