Burberry is the biggest beneficiary of Britain’s deeurope

The stimulus to Burberry Group PLC bobailey was also sustained in the company’s first quarter earnings. Driven by mainland and British markets, the same store sales of Burberry Group PLC in the first quarter of June 30th achieved 4% growth, superior to the four seasons and 2% of analysts’ forecasts, and also since the first quarter of fiscal 2016. The highest rate of growth. The growth rate of the Asia Pacific region is 14%-16%, and the EMEIA also has high digit growth, which has slowed down from the double digit of the 2017 second half of the March 30th, and the Americas are still shrinking.

However, Julie Brown, chief financial officer of Burberry Group PLC boblie, told analysts at a performance conference that UK domestic demand was still strong and doubled at double digit rates, but as the UK de Europe referendum had already been full for a year, the overall UK market growth had begun to fall, and the recent rise in Sterling showed off Europe. The sustainability of the British luxury market is likely to halt, and the 2-3 round of price hikes in Britain, including the Louis Vuitton Louis Weedon and the Gucci Gucci, have taken off in Britain.

Another blow out of Europe was that Burberry Group PLC bobbury group said in 2015 that it would invest 50 million pounds to transform the Yorkshire Liz’s historic building Temple Works into a factory before 2019, and the plan for creating 200 positions was officially terminated. Group management announced last year that the plan was suspended.

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