Cervical Cancer Information For Women

Cervical cancer can be defined as a malignant growth in the cervical area. The disease is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is transmitted through transmitted diseases, and a precancerous condition known as dysplasia, which can be detected by an abnormal smear.

This deadly disease needs to be detected because if detected early it can be treated. The best preventive measure is to have regular check-ups for cervical cancer screening, treatment and prevention in Kenya and have a healthy body and immune system to fight these infections.

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Tobacco use has dangerous carcinogens, and smoking doubles the risk of unusual stains. Avoiding it can reduce the risk or persistence of this disease.

Signs of cervical cancer can include frequent urination, pelvic pain, bleeding or unexpected discharge, etc. Although these symptoms do not indicate cervical cancer, they do indicate the possibility of cervical cancer. An abnormal smear can be detected through a routine screening test for cervical cancer.

The smear is painless and involves taking a cell sample from the cervix for microscopic examination. New technologies emerge every day helping to find new ways to spot unusual blemishes at an early stage.

Treatment for cervical cancer is most effective if it is detected at an early stage. This includes surgical interventions such as removal of the ovaries, or fallopian tubes, radiation, or chemotherapy.