Caring For Your Watch

What are some of the things that you can do to help provide longevity to your watch? This article will try to point out the main things that should be done on a regular basis so that you can wear your favorite watch for years.

When you buy a watch the manufacturer advises people on how to care for them. You should take the time to read the instruction manual so that you are aware of any maintenance your watch may need. If you are looking for a watch maintenance service, you can simply type a query ‘Rolex watch restoration nearby’ on the web browser.

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If you have a mechanical watch tuning it up once a year is eagerly suggested. 

The reason behind this is that it works with lubrication and over time it can dry out. If this happens you will start to lose time on the watch as well as create a fine dust that is abrasive to the workings of the watch. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer on the watch's servicing needs.

What happens when you take your watch to be serviced? The jeweler will take the watch apart and clean it with ultrasonic technology. The watch will also be polished and examined for any parts that may be worn. 

If any parts are found they will be replaced then the watch will be reassembled, oiled, and regulated. The maintenance will also include checking on the water-resistance of the watch if it has this feature.

You may find that you have a warranty on the watch so be sure you check to see if there is a specific dealer that you need to take the watch to for maintenance.