Caring for Swimming Pools during the winter

If you are among the many people who do not use their pool unless the weather is warm, it is easy to overlook the maintenance during the cold months. However, it is very important that you do not forget to follow some simple steps to ensure your backyard oasis will be in good shape once you're ready to dive back in.

For those with above ground swimming pool, make sure you check periodically cover cable so that it remains secure. If it becomes loose, the cover can be slipped into the water. You can also look for the services of pool liner replacement in long island.

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Also, look at the cushion of air to see that it continues to increase. Replace it with one another if it starts to go flat. This is very important because the purpose of the air pillow to keep from splitting the pool wall must freeze the water and expand.

Make sure also that you either siphon or pump the rainwater off the regular cover during the winter, and remove leaves that may accumulate. Water and excess weight can lead to better cover tearing or crumbling. Also, if the liner leaks you can lose a lot of water.

Own in-ground swimming pool that water use tube-type cover need to replace the tube can rupture in the cold weather. These tubes are important because they keep the cover securely. To avoid having to go to the store every time on the break, buy a few extra and keep them nearby.