Care of Neck Pain Injury

There are seven small vertebrae in the neck and is also known as the cervical spine. It starts at the base of the skull. Our head weighs about 12 pounds and its total weight is supported by the cervical spine or neck. The movement and flexibility of our head depends on our neck but this property also makes it vulnerable to injury and pain.

Biomechanical neck also contributes to its vulnerability to injury and pain. Accidents, prolonged sitting, repetitive motion, aging, the fall, hits the body and normal wear are some of the activities affecting the biomechanics of the cervical spine. There may be many reasons for neck pain. Neck pain can be really irritating sometimes.

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Osteoarthritis, accident or injury, degenerative disc disease, growing older stenosis and spine are some of the main reasons for neck pain. Some of the other reasons of everyday life for neck pain can be weak abdominal muscles, poor posture and obesity. Weak muscles cause the balance of the spine to disrupt and the result is bending the neck forward to maintain balance. Tension and emotional stress also contribute to neck pain and headaches.

There are tests that will be conducted by your chiropractor. There will be two types of tests namely physical and neurological. The main movements that cause pain will be noticed in the physical test as fitness, posture and range of motion.