Burberry make-up will withdraw from Beijing Market

British luxury brand Burberry’s cosmetic counters will be withdrawn from the Beijing market before March 22nd. Only the existing counters in Han Guang Department store are still open. The interface news calls for nuclear real-time, and Han Guang Department stores only said it would continue to sell make-up. And Beijing Xidan Joy City said, in the sale of the brand has no Bubrerry. According to a brand cosmetics counter on the first floor of SKP in Beijing, SKP has no longer sold Burberry make-up for a long time.

At present, the reasons for the withdrawal of the cabinet are still unknown, but the Beijing commercial newspaper has learned from the cabinet staff that the withdrawal of the cabinet is due to the imminent expiration of the contract of the store and the brand. On the other hand, it may be that the Burberry group will reclaim all the beauty agent rights in 2019 and rearrange the layout. As of press release, neither Burberry nor Coty responded to the news.

Compared to Armani, Chanel and Dior luxury brand beauty line, the Burberry beauty line is not very high. Not only the lack of star products, but also a relatively weak sense of existence in social media and brand marketing, slower new products, and a lack of innovation in packaging. In fiscal year 2016, Burberry’s beauty business revenue was 227 million euros, accounting for only 8% of the group’s total revenue. 2017 in the first half of fiscal year, the share of cosmetic business fell by 1%, creating only 7% of revenue.

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