Burberry is going to change its designer

The success of a fashion brand is essential for the creative director. Many designers can also bring the brand back to life. Nowadays, when brands compete fiercely for market share, it is also common for designers to change their designers.

Not long ago Burberry announced that its creative director and President, Christopher Bailey, would quit the board in March 2018 until the end of December, after the completion of the transfer of Burberry, and what kind of changes after the Burberry would be regretted for Bailey. I believe that everyone is full of expectations.

It is said that the company’s shareholders have been dissatisfied with the high salary policy of Christopher and other managers for a long time. They feel that their wages are too high, but the performance has not gone up, and this kind of speech dissatisfied Christopher and had the idea of resigning. But Christopher’s contribution to Burberry is great, and is also the luxury brand he made Burberry become the representative of Britain.

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