Burberry cooperates with British trend artist Danny Sangra

To celebrate the brand The Doodle graffiti series, Burberry held activities in the SKP boutique in Beijing in December 1st, and many brands of guests, including brand image ambassador Dongyu Zhou, fashion stylist Lucia Liu, fashion creative Li Hui, fashion stylist Wu Ling, IT Girl YUYU, new model Zhao celebration, Wang Chenming, Xu Bingchao, etc.

On Saturday, December 2nd, Danny will also paint the personal iconic style illustrations in The Doodle graffiti tote bag at the Burberry SKP boutique in Beijing. The customers who come to the scene can buy the Burberry and Danny The Doodle doodle TTOs to feel their fantasy world. After the trip to Beijing, Danny will go to the flagship flagship store in London to attend the new series.

The collaboration between Burberry and Danny began at the beginning of this year. Danny, with its humorous illustrations, made a unique re creation of the collection pictures in the brand file, set up as the “Now Then” collection, and published on the brand Instagram.

The latest cooperation between Danny and brand will focus on the AR experience of Burberry App software. With the help of Apple Corp’s ARKit technology, users can embed Danny’s illustrations into the surrounding real environment, allowing virtual interaction with the real world.

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