Burberry’s Personnel Changes

Recently, the British luxury brand Burberry announced the appointment of the chairman of the board of directors: Gerry Murphy will enter the company in May 17th and formally replaced John Peace as the chairman of the new board of directors at the annual shareholders’ meeting held in July 12th.

Previously, John Peace has been serving this position for 16 years, almost witnessing the whole process of the brand from recession to recovery. The successors of John Peace are somewhat similar in their curriculum vitae. They are experienced in management in the financial field. Since 2002, John Peace has served as chairman of the board of directors of the three FTSE 100 index companies in addition to serving as chairman of the Burberry board.

Gerry Murphy has been a non-executive director of British American Tobacco PLC, Merlin Entertainments PLC and other companies. Gerry Murphy is also the chairman of Tate & Lyle PLC and Blackstone Group’s major entity business company in Europe, The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP.

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