Burberry bought its own Italy producer

Burberry says it will retain CF&P’s headquarters in Florence, Italy, and operate the acquired business at the site, and other non acquired businesses are still operating independently by CF&P at other companies.

This acquisition is the most important decision of Burberry in leather products at present, and the plan for improving leather business has appeared since 2017. In March 2017, Burberry added a new position, director of leather products and footwear design, and hired a leather specialist, Sabrina Bonesi, to take up the post. Bonesi worked in Prada and Dior, and is now responsible for the design of men’s bags, women’s bags, women’s shoes and leather accessories in Burberry.

Then, in November 2017, Gobbetti discovered more opportunities in leather products. It is planned to cross – sell leather accessories and clothing through product diversity, rather than just selling a single product, so that more customers can use Burberry’s products from head to toe.

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