Best Methods Of Bunion Treatment In Baltimore

There are a number of common foot-related deformations; however, bunions are the most common. The appearance of a bunion is a result of a specific bone displacement just below the big or little toe, although most frequently it is the big toe that is affected. To get more information regarding bunion, you can visit

This bone shifting creates a prominent bony like growth that protrudes out of the affected area and is clearly visible on the bunion joint on the affected foot. The lump may be the metatarsal head itself, or new bone formed in response to pressure.

Research in Baltimore has shown that the appearance of bunions is more prevalent in females than in males because there is a higher likelihood of women wearing shoes that are not the appropriate size. As a result of all this, sufferers of this condition will be on the receiving end of a range of bone as well as soft tissue complications that could cause severe pain.

Some of the main symptoms include aches, swelling, and redness around the affected area. There are several ways of treating bunions and the treatment administered will vary according to the extent of the condition. In the more minor cases, a simple change of shoes may suffice while extreme cases could require some form of surgery in Baltimore.

Surgery is deemed necessary for correction of the deformity only in the most severe cases and it is usually carried out by a podiatrist in Baltimore. The operation is not just a cosmetic method because it helps in the proper adjustment of the big toe. Studies have shown a bunion surgery success rate of up to 90%.