Best Adventures to Experience in Sri Lanka


Water-sport activities are some of the best things to witness in Sri Lanka due to the vast presence of coastline. Moreover, Sri Lanka also has many wildlife animals and species to witness along with Buddhist Temples, fascinating historical and cultural places and more. If you happen to be in Sri Lanka, then these are some of the best adventures you need to experience.

  1. Take a Safari –On the South side of Sri Lanka is the Yala National Park known best for crocodiles, leopards, elephants and birds to witness. However, if you wish to have more relaxing experience, then consider going on a boat safari to witness the beautiful islands, animals and bird species.
  2. Watch the Whales – Due to humans as the sole reason, it is hard to spot a blue whale. But Sri Lanka is home to some of the best spots to witness these awesome giant whales especially from a place called Mirissa. This is a town known to be home to some of the finest whales that come together between November and April.
  3. Climp the top of Sirigiya – This is Sri Lanka’s iconic landmark which is also known as ‘Lion’s Rock’. It is a massive rock and also known to be a fort and palace that came into existence during the 5th century. Carved lion’s paws, ancient paintings by the monks, improving your knowledge on rocks, reaching the top of the fort are some of the things you can do here.

Take a Sri Lanka tour today with your friends and family members.