Arrange A Naming Ceremony In Israel

A naming ceremony can be used as an alternative to a religious event such as a Christening or a Baptism to welcome a new child into the family as a form of ceremonial celebration. This ceremony is a special way to announce the birth of your child and to celebrate it with family and friends.

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Typical naming ceremonies include:

• Introduction and welcome

• The meaning of the name

• Reading or poetry

• music

• Parents' promises to their children

• Promise of support for children

• Signing a certificate

The christening ceremony has no legal status and is only a commemorative event. A naming ceremony is the perfect way to welcome a child of any age into a family. Help verify their identity whether they are new born, adopted child, or adopted child.

Even single parents find extraordinary opportunities in such ceremonies to reaffirm their devotion to their child and at the same time to publicly acknowledge the adults who have chosen to help and support them in raising their child during their formative years.

While religious ceremonies such as baptisms have long had traditional scriptures, choosing the right words for more personal ceremonies can be difficult.

The naming ceremony can be held indoors or outdoors at a location of your choice. At the end of the ceremony, balloons, doves or butterflies can be released. Infants and children receive a name certificate in which their godparent or adult caregiver is registered, which also receives a reminder.