All About Using a BBQ Grill Rub in Australia

Grill rubs are an assortment of spices and herbs that are utilized to provide the meat with a unique taste prior to grilling. Although the grill rubs are usually dry, they may be paste-like as well as wet depending on consistency. 

The rubs are suitable to cook shrimp, turkey or fish, pork chicken, or steak. Those who aren't keen on sauces for their grills may prefer only the rub applied to the meats. You can also buy BBQ spice rub online.

Rubs & Sauces

The rubs are very simple to prepare as all you need to do is mix the spices you like together. If you're not experienced in the process of making your own rub, it is recommended to use already-made rubs.

For the rub to be used, it is best to first rinse the chicken piece and rub it dry. Then, you can apply the chicken all over. There are times when a rub can be put on the meat, particularly on turkey or chicken after it has warmed up a little. The chicken is best grilled under indirect heat on the barbecuing grill.

When you cook a steak, the rub can be mixed in with marinate and sprayed on the steak. How much rub you apply to the steak will be determined by your preferences and the number of spices and marinade you would like to put on your steak.