All About Maternal And Child Health

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) is a program offered through partnerships and is based on other Community programs. It is a proactive, preventive, and strategic approach to the promotion of good health and development of reserves on pregnant First Nations women and families with infants and growing children.

The plan aims to reach all expecting women and new parents, with long-term support for families who need additional services. Because nowadays, parental health care is important so it is necessary to get routine checkups.

maternal health care

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A key element of the program is to home visits by nurses and family visitors (experienced mothers in the community), who provide information, support, and links to other services; integration of culture in health care is a key component of the program.

Program objectives include increasing training opportunities for First Nations MCH service providers, increase the participation of community members in the reserves in the planning and development of services, improve service coordination for customers in the reserves, and the development and / or using the existing assessment tools to measure progress using models and approaches based on evidence.

Over the past decade, the provinces and territories have strengthened their maternal and child health programs, as it has a positive effect on the lives of pregnant women and families with infants and young children.