All About Guided Meditation Techniques

Typically, the mind is an obstacle to meditation. There are various techniques to render it speechless or methods of observing the constant stream of noise it likes to generate. Sometimes the mind seems like an entity all to itself, the enemy that dwells within one's own skin.

However, let us not forget that the real purpose of the mind is to serve its master, true self. A mind is a tool that can be used to accomplish many tasks. The mind can even be used as a path to meditation. One of the many methods is called guided meditation. Guided meditation sessions often take place at the end of yoga class. You can find out more on guided meditation via 

The power of the human imagination is vast and harnessing this powerful force is what makes guided meditation so effective. The individual envisions predefined scenarios as instructed and these mental images produce a deeply meditative state. Since the eyes are closed, the prescribed visualizations must either be recalled from memory or heard either through an instructor or a recording; reading is not an option.

One can record themselves and listen to a recording in advance or they may ask a friend to read it to them because some people find their own voice interrupting during a guided meditation. Whatever method is best for an individual is the best way for them.