All About Capsules Manufacturing Companies

The most versatile form of dosage is a capsule. Capsules can be used as solid dosage forms in which one or more of the medicinal or inert ingredients is contained in a small container or shell usually made from gelatin. There are two types: "hard" and soft capsules. The hard capsule is also known as "two pieces" that are made up of small cylinders at one end and shorter at the other. The "cap", which fits over the end of the longer piece called the "body".

Soft gelatin capsules are also known as "one-piece". There are many sizes of capsules available that provide dosing flexibility. Capsules can mask the unpleasant odor and taste of drugs and are easy to administer. You can also get more information about capsule manufacturing companies via

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Capsules' Advantages:

  • They look attractive.

  • They can be slippery when they are moist, so it is easy to swallow them with a glass of water.

  • Tablets require fewer adjuncts.

  • The shells can be easily and quickly digested by the stomach.

Types of excipients found in powder-filled capsules

Diluents – These excipients are often present in the highest concentrations in a given application. They are used in formulations and make up the bulk of active ingredients.

Wetting agents are substances that increase water penetration for drugs with low water-soluble e.g. sodium lauryl sulfate.

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