All About Acoustic Baffle In Australia

Acoustic Baffle is a high-performance acoustic ceiling system designed for large spaces and interiors with limited wall space. Acoustic baffles are free hanging sound absorption products that are often used to acoustically treat large rooms such as gymnasiums and lobbies.

Hanging from the ceiling, partition walls are in a room where sound tends to "stuck". This is because nothing absorbs or scatters sound waves that high. You can also check out here to get more information about acoustic baffle in Australia.

While using an acoustic ceiling solution, you can accomplish a variety of looks. Acoustic baffles are made up of tiles that can be placed within a metal framework and hung from the ceiling or used to create different shapes. You can customise the look of your room without too much renovation by fixing acoustic baffles at different angles and levels.

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The Acoustic Baffle system can be adapted to any architectural context and is also available in four partition wall designs, from reduced simplicity to dramatic sculptural forms.

Acoustic Baffle achieves excellent acoustic properties in ceilings and walls. Partition walls are made in Australia from Acoustic Solid Color or Acoustic Felt Screen panels and offer flexibility in terms of acoustic and aesthetic properties.

Partitions are available with or without a patented suspension system; Six suspension system options are available to accommodate different interiors.