3 Reasons Why Educating your Child From Private Primary School

Parents make the decision every year whether to send their children to public school or apply for private school.

Here are three reasons to strongly consider sending your children to private school.

Smaller class sizes: It is because private schools have significantly smaller class sizes. Primary schools in Cairns have a student-teacher ratio of around 1 to 8. Teachers prefer to have smaller classes so they can support students in their areas of interest and help them reach their potential.

Safety: When it comes to school safety, safety is a top priority for parents. This is especially important considering cyberbullying and other criminal acts that can be committed on school grounds. Private schools are safer than public schools. Private schools are safer because they have fewer students and more security.

It is easier to supervise students when there are more adults than students. Suspected behavior can be reported faster, incidents can be responded to quicker, and there are more adults available to help defuse any tensions. Private schools may offer the safety and security you desire for your child.

Individual Attention: Parents want their children to get as much attention as they can. You spent a lot of time caring for them as infants. You want them to get as much personal attention in school as you can

Private schools are more likely to have a smaller class size. Independent schools have classes that can accommodate between 10 and 15 students depending on the grade. Teachers can give students more personal attention because there is a lower student-teacher ratio.